Retail software solutions, FMCG mobile apps and software

The continuous proliferation of mobile devices has changed the conventions of doing business. Mobile devices are quickly becoming a critical asset for businesses. They not only boost productivity and efficiency but also drive new channels of generating revenue and competitive edge. Enterprise mobile solutions for retail industry, point of sale (POS) and FMCG help to streamline the process of selling and purchasing; thus, ensuring the smooth functioning of the overall operations.

As consumer-habits drift towards mobile, mobility based retail solutions have become a necessity. Industries can capitalize on this opportunity and influence consumers by getting fruitful retail solutions. Mobile technologies can play a vital role in an organization’s business to deliver business value and enhance the customer experience.

Why opt for mobile solutions for retail industry?

Mobile devices have become the ‘research-and-shop’ tool for consumers. As a result, limiting their shopping experience by providing one or two mobile applications may hinder the brand image. Thus, a holistic approach towards retail mobility solutions can arm businesses with multiple alternatives to give a unified shopping experience. FMCG manufacturing companies, shopping mall owners, and other retail businesses can achieve this by having

Mobile app platforms

Mobile Apps for retail and point of sale

Mobile device management

Mobile security and policies

Mobility solutions for shopping malls, retailers and supermarkets

On the competitive forefront, we have leveraged the capabilities of mobile devices to build robust solutions. Our solutions help you anticipate your customer requirements. The solutions are designed by utilizing the latest technology that aims at providing –

  • Better point of sale solutions
  • Channels to achieve high performance
  • Shorter time to market products
  • Seamless shopping experience to customers
  • Secured mobile solutions for FMCG and retailers
  • Customer satisfaction and brand building

Effective mobile strategy nurturing retail business

Business objectives can be achieved by working in collaboration with employees, partners and customers. An effective mobile strategy enables employee collaboration and productivity; improves partner performance and enhances customer experience and satisfaction.


  • Uses the information to generate invoices
  • Keeps the track-time spent on clients


  • Tracks the money spent on the client’s work (case)
  • Stores expenses spent on client in the software

Ample Benefits for Customers

  • Centralizes the data storage for case files
  • Keeps track of notes and tasks


  • Helps track client contact details
  • Manages the sales prospect

Our end-to-end mobile solutions for the retail industry

We do careful analysis of the risks and challenges to formulate technology deployment possibilities

Dispatch service solution
We develop a robust strategy for businesses to thrive on the competitive forefront using mobile as a platform

Mobile applications
We develop applications that comprehensively encompasses critical business processes

Mobile platform
We power our solutions with design and interface that is intuitive and user friendly

Point of Sale Software
We develop applications that comprehensively encompasses critical business processes

Customized mobile solutions
We power our solutions with design and interface that is intuitive and user friendly

A noticeable upsurge in mobility adoption among retailers and FMCG businesses

Mobility solutions are empowering retailers to provide tech savvy consumers with product and store information on the go. This has resulted in a massive upsurge of mobility adoption.


tier-1 retailers are embracing mCommerce


consumers want personalized shopping experience


smartphone owners use phones for shopping


of mobile traffic for shopping is through tablets