Custom Mobile Apps for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics providers are facing unprecedented stress while managing transport activities and fulfilling the consumer demands. With the global demographic shifting, security issues and urbanization are creating high demands for ameliorating the public transit system. There is a need to improve the productivity and gain deeper insight to become proactive in delivering transportation services.

The rise and growth of enterprise mobility has streamlined many industry operations. From security issues to customer contentment, the mobility and wireless solutions fulfill transportation-critical needs.

Mobile solutions for transportation companies and logistics

In logistics and transportation, a great portion of the workforce is always on the move and geographically dispersed. From a bus ticket agent, to forklift drivers, and to maintenance engineers, the working environment for these workers is inherently mobile. Having access to a real time corporate system will enable them to fasten up the business process and aid customer at the point of service.

  • Mobile data and voice management
  • Telecom expense management
  • Mobile Unified Communications (UC) system
  • Mobile applications solution
  • Mobile IP telephony services
  • Network & security services
  • Mobile packet backhaul network solution
  • Global remote access system

A complete solution for dispatch, shipping and delivery

Mobile applications for niche industries have grown exponentially. It takes expertise and technical know-how to identify the most appropriate solution for your requirement and firmly integrate it with enterprise system. Amplesoftech brought industry-leading solution for addressing the critical needs of mobile workforce.

Mobile Dispatch and Delivery Software

  • Responsive to citizens’ needs
  • Track time v/s work records
  • Integrated back office infrastructure
  • Citizen participation in democratic decisions

Railway and Shipping Software

  • In-hand applications for two-way interaction
  • Mobile apps for transferring payments, bills, etc
  • Submission of government documents and registrations
  • Improve information access and public sector efficiency

Terminal and Distribution System

  • Cloud platform for more citizen interaction
  • Getting the immediate feedback on the policies
  • Developing a shared social network

mobile Dispatch and Delivery Software

  • More tangible statistics for the success of any law
  • Mount public policies on Cloud platform
  • Knowing the chances of winning the party

Total Mobile Phone Users who use Mobile Ticketing Split by 8 Key Regions, 2018 (954 Million users)