Telecom Software Development

Mobility is a new paradigm shift that outlines the vision of communication media today. IT & Telecommunication companies spare millions of dollars every year in their budget for raising business intelligent infrastructure to streamline the communication process. Telecom service providers face significant challenges in driving the Communication Porsche in a highly volatile market.

Mobile Governance – Addressing all critical areas for the governance

Improve services to attract new subscribers and retaining existing

Meet the subscribers demand for improved services at affordable costs

Keep up the super-pace of technology

Enterprise mobility caters to telecom providers with scalable technology software and applications that promise successful subscriber service. The cloud and data services focus on the market trends and serve on-demand services to your workforce as well as subscribers. Enterprise solutions help telecom upscale existing services and excel in introducing new ones.

Telecom Enterprise Mobility — Exploit the window of opportunities

Mobility provides a suite of essential applications and robust mobile data deployment services for rendering tangible productivity. Mobility is an open window of opportunities that render reliable, fast and efficient process execution. It includes better flexibility to support new telecom models and deploy valuable IT resources. Mobility solutions for telecom reduces the churn and enhances subscriber satisfaction. The methodology and operational efficiency promises to decrease overheads/costs and improves productivity. By exploiting the power of mobility, telecom service providers can manage the workload and fasten the growth of the company rendering good revenue.

Holistic model for improving telecom output

WOS has mobility models for IT & Telecommunication providers aimed at augmenting operational efficiency and per-user revenue. Employees will have adequate remote access to essential telecom applications that help companies in measuring and managing deployed mobile devices and networks.

  • Help build smarter network
  • Nominal IT support
  • Focus on what matters
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Low capital expenditures
  • Connects workers and customers
  • Productivity anywhere
  • Generate new source of revenue
  • Excellent back-end support for software
  • Support greater management and security
  • Provide operations for business excellence

Services, backed by security increasing savings

New entrants in the telecom industry foster the need for advancement in existing services, technology and offerings. This requires the industry to enhance their business conductance by adopting enterprise mobility solutions. The client/server based software will assist telecom providers to exercise more control over the network by creating business-specific rules.

  • Mobile data and voice management
  • Telecom expense management
  • Mobile Unified Communications (UC) system
  • Mobile applications solution
  • Mobile IP telephony services
  • Network & security services
  • Mobile packet backhaul network solution
  • Global remote access system