Mobile App Platform for Enterprises

Our bespoke mobile app platform for mobile applications facilitates enterprises to develop an extensive variety of vital mobile apps to provide business intelligence, data and multimedia content effortlessly and without handling difficult program coding.

The fast spreading influence of Mobile App Platform (MAP) will result in an increased user adoption with a potential in multiplying ROI on present information systems including Data Warehousing, ERP, BI, CRM, etc.

Developing quality apps becomes simple

Ample mobile app platform is a single-stop response for all your mobility requirements. We modify and design our platform considering all your current and upcoming objectives to give you fully scalable, robust and custom-made products. In case iteration is motivated by user requirement, latest technology or competition, our future-proof mobile application platform assists you in software implementation without any difficulty.

Mobile app platform structure

Control Panel for Platform

Multi-Platform Apps

Deployment and Distribution

App Control Panel

Mobile Apps Platform V/S Traditional Mobile Apps

We build robust mobile application solutions for enterprises multi-tier functionality features that are absent in standalone applications, mobile development tools or in any of the integrated mobile app solutions.

Our all-inclusive mobile apps platform works with all the essential elements of feature-rich mobile solutions.

Mobile Apps Platform – The Advantages

Custom-made mobile app platform creates an environment in which enterprises can craft an app once and deploy it on any smart mobile device running on any popular operating system. This move is relatively beneficial for enterprises that utilize an assortment of mobile devices besides those that allow end-users to run business apps on their individual devices.

Rapid deployment of mobile editions of team work products such as Google Cloud Connect, Alfresco, and other familiar field service and sales products is feasible with template applications as a part of Enterprise Mobile App Platform. As a positive outcome, organizations can modify template apps and alter them to match their goals and objectives.