Mobile Apps Management

Huge amounts of enterprise data across diverse platforms create bottlenecks for organizations to track and classify vital information. To wipe out such challenges, planned enterprise content management significantly encourages organizations to size, process, store, and get access to company data.

Why Mobile App Management?

Gartner states that in the near future, 25% of enterprises will posses Enterprise App Stores to handle corporate-sanctioned apps for gain more power over their applications. Although the majority of desktop apps management tools have shown to be ineffective in managing the latest devices today, MAM will become compulsory in upcoming years. As a proof, operating systems are changing directions even more spectacularly. This sequentially makes traditional app management systems, without doubt, least effective.

Our services

Top performing business products encompass a comprehensive understanding of business intent and purpose of the software. Enterprise mobility involves a multi-direction approach to co-exist with mobile ecosystems and different functionalities that effectively address needs of clients.

Strategic planning
Classify enterprise objectives by focusing on stakeholders’ concerns

Ergonomically designed UI
Visually attractive mobile interface using innovative graphics for user engagement

Focus on incorporated mobile app development to make available multiple functionalities on the move

Robust management system
Provide system control over office activities for smooth business functioning

Solution architecture
Studied approach to end-user requirements, mobile attunement, enterprise goals and purpose and carrier contributor services

Outline workflow
Study every component of the current processes for enhanced adaption

Make a move in your business

Mobile applications have grown to be an essential component of today’s end users work. With a large number of applications for enterprise, app management, security, and productivity requirements of organizations has seen a manifold increase too. As a result, mobility is a necessary change enterprises are looking for increasingly these days. As such, deploying customized apps will give more power to employees, and help shape consumer engagement models.

The founding elements of enterprise mobility can be acquired by building a scalable environment and putting together improved tools. Ample allows enterprises to develop, secure, deploy and control applications while shielding privacy of end users and motivating app-adoption. While end users obtain apps that make them more productive, app developers can code the attributes related to management and security required in these applications.

Identified business goals for using mobile apps

67% of CIOs will incorporate tablets in their network

56% business will customize information for mobile

Worldwide enterprise mobile data revenue will reach $133B by 2014