Mobile Apps for Media & Entertainment Industry

Media and entertainment industry experience swift changes in its business landscape. These changes are influenced by rapidly evolving technologies and fierce competition. The changing market conditions demand media and entertainment conglomerates to adopt strategic mobile initiatives. Businesses embracing mobility solutions ensure fulfillment of consumer’s demand for instant access to rich media from a variety of devices.

Mobile solutions allow vendors to provide consumers with the required media experiences while amplifying the lucidity of revenue streams. In order to prosper among competitors, media companies must foresee trends, monetize content and innovate across the entire entertainment experience.The World is becoming increasingly instrumented and interconnected, hence, mobile solutions help in focusing on new ways of connecting to customers and creating value.

How do mobile apps for media and entertainment force transformation?

Mobile apps for media and entertainment enable companies to cross-leverage their assets, and manage the sharing of different types of media formats. Mobility provides reliable and effective data sharing solutions to access real-time media and entertainment files. Justifying your business prospect, our approach assures to produce new forms of consumption, delivery and creative competition.

  • Desirable media files in required format
  • Accelerating the pace to promote
  • Decreasing the media distribution costs
  • Offering consumer-business media
  • Ease of monetizing media content
  • Cloud-based solutions automate processes

Stream your media business with streamlined enterprise solutions

Our proven methodology and effective mobile solutions let businesses design, create and deliver arresting experiences for targeted customers. The solutions we devise focus on consumer’s desire and the digital market. Having served various media conglomerates, our solutions assist the industry to re-position and restructure the business body with changing market conditions. We serve-

  • Digital Content Distributors
  • Commercial Ad Agencies
  • Media Agencies
  • Publishing and Content Processing control
  • TV, Radio and Cable Channels
  • Online Gaming Broadcasting Companies

The expense on mobile advertising was
$4.5 billion in 2012

Media spending is expected to grow over 5.5% annually and reach
$2trillion by 2015

The marketplace for B2B media was
$77.19 billion in 2012

Digital circulation on mobile device is
Up by 2.8%