Manufacturing Management Systems

The manufacturing industry encompasses complexities at various levels. These complexities curtail global trade, extended supply and productivity lifecycles. Under these circumstances, mobility solutions can foster manufacturing industries to garner good ROI by achieving efficiency and cost-optimization to attain overall competitiveness.

Mobility enables manufacturing industries to foresee possibilities that streamline processes, boost productivity and evaluate the degree of success with the technology transformation.

Enterprise mobility fosters transformation

Enterprise mobility nurtures businesses by successfully making radical changes. Mobility solutions drive the transformation by eradicating unnecessary processes. This significantly reduces the process cycle time and boost order completion actions. Moreover, the convergence of different business operations augment decision making capabilities.

Our mobility solutions for manufacturing companies

We provide a wide range of services that promise of governing critical business operations. Our tools and technology services accelerate business processes and help clients realize their business objective at different stages of manufacturing operations.

  • Consulting services to analyze and evaluate the existing infrastructure
  • A successful mobile strategy for businesses to exploit competence of mobiles
  • Solutions to eliminate latency, boost productivity and reduce the response time
  • Tailored mobile applications specific to different manufacturing industry needs
  • Enterprise wide analytics solution for obtaining actionable information

Enterprise mobility for manufacturing unit – Streamlining Business Operations

We redefine the face of businesses with our enterprise mobility solutions to impact the overall business workflow. Improved interaction with customers and employees promote better governance. Moreover, businesses can significantly observe tangible difference in management of material, factory operations, asset, warehouse, data tracking and quality. The transformation promotes –

  • Reduction in the service cycle time
  • Customer relations and service
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Better inventory terms
  • Early identification of pitfalls
  • Improves Productivity significantly

Manufacturing industries embracing mobility solutions for betterment


Organizations will support corporate applications on personal mobile devices by 2014


of businesses will support the use of tablets in their workspace by 2014