Mobile Solutions for Education

The traditional system of education is soon getting replaced by modern hi-tech methods. The chalk-and-talk concept is not enticing today’s students anymore. Mobile technology provides a much broader experience of learning. The use of such innovative technology has no barriers.

Traditional systems of teaching, learning and researching are complex, incapable and time consuming. Renowned analysts and reporters believe that mobile applications are the greatest path for growth in the computing industry easing the whole education system to produce better citizens of tomorrow.

The broad issues in education, learning and research

Need of information system in
existing education process

Customizing software and apps to
educational requirement

Changing role of a classroom

Precise data fetching for accurate
figures for further research

Amplesoftech education and learning mobility solutions

We understand the need of your school, institute, or University and provide customized mobile solutions tailored to the organization needs. Our products have numerous benefits, some of them are listed below.

Customized learning programs that provides learning resources, notes, homework, eBooks, guides and other useful material on the handheld devices

A message notification system that connects all the concerned people of the organization, and a similar system between stakeholders, including parents

The use of mobile devices and software for education is much cheaper than using laptops and computers

Proper management system through which students can view examination schedule’s, time-tables and communicate interactively

Mobile solutions for schools, universities and teaching institutes

The learning process is done at work, schools and colleges, for which mobile solutions can provide improved platforms for sharing knowledge. Solutions can be utilized for distance education or in the case where the student’s education requires a lot of travel. Cloud-based services for education have expanded the learning environment and provided door-to-door productive knowledge. Moreover, mobile applications for students are developed based on the present education standards. Thus, mobility promises productive and seamless learning process throughout the world at affordable prices.