Mobile Apps for Insurance Agents and Companies

The gift of mobility has unleashed a more agile business and changed the way people buy insurance products. Insurance Companies have realized the need to develop and nurture their mobile strategy in order to evaluate and understand the customer segment. The reliability and security of mobile networks has allowed insurance companies to meet the demands of customers.

Customers want better services, and for this, companies are adopting better computing and communication channels. Mobility provides advanced channels for contacting and accessing the policy anywhere, anytime.

Mobile software solution to simplify the insurance process and claims

Ease of access to policies and claims is a top priority for your clients. It takes expertise and experience to recognize the most appropriate solutions for your requirements and integrate it smoothly with your software system.

With years of experience in the mobile industry, Amplesoftech provides enterprise mobility solution for insurance companies. Our mobility solutions are capable of providing customers with friendly, easy to use and self-service environment. The solutions also address the critical needs of your workforce as well as clients.

Enterprise mobility for insurance agents and companies

These days, people are more conscious about insuring their lives, vehicles and families. A large number of people are getting insured one way or the other. With data getting bigger and bigger, it is now high time to move towards better solutions that are scalable and robust. WhiteOrange’s mobile solutions for insurance agents and firms addresses the big data issues and provide the best solutions available in the industry at affordable prices.

  • Claim systems
  • Policy Admin system
  • Product management software
  • Accounting and billing software
  • MIS Risk compliance system
  • Mobile sales software
  • Client billing software
  • Broker distribution software
  • Re-insurance & Co-insurance details

Consumers say that instant resolution of claim is at the top of their wish-list


growth rate has been experienced by insurance companies at compound rate

Improve insuring processes using latest mobile solutions

  • Accurate and timely client information
  • Agent’s productivity is improved
  • Reduces time spent on phone calls and visits
  • Tool-based guides that help chose right product for right client
  • Reduces the time-cycle associated with binding the policy
  • Reduces administrative time by eliminating paperwork