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Company Infrastructure

To offer exceptional quality products at project delivery we have a mandatory, secure infrastructure necessary to deliver and work professionally. We present some of the highlights of our infrastructural facilities at WOS.

We are located in the center of Surat city, the textile and diamond capital of Gujarat. Our fully operational work space covers more than 2000 sq. feet, equipped with seating arrangements and meeting cabins.

1. Our Amenities

  • Stable internet connection and leased lines.
  • Latest configuration computer systems.
  • iPhone and iPad App development on MAC devices.
  • Testing facilitated on Tablets and Smartphone.
  • Project implementation latest devices.

2. Security Infrastructure

  • CCTV surveillance 24x7x365
  • Strict code of usage for external devices
  • Anti-virus protection for entire systems
  • Person identification via biometric device

Additionally, we have secure facility for client communication by utilizing video conferencing and Skype connectivity. We possess an ultra-modern conference room and meeting cabins for neutralized discussions.