Healthcare Mobile Apps Development

Complex government ordinances, increased awareness of maintaining health records, chronic illnesses and enormous amount of medical data require the healthcare systems to be robust, scalable and equally easy to navigate.

While legacy systems maintaining the flow in corporate hospitals are getting obsolete, enterprise mobility for healthcare comes as a revolutionary technology that not only provides advanced healthcare solutions but also helps the stakeholders to access crucial data from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Technology Penetration In Healthcare Sector


Number of downloads by health related apps by end of 2013

Predicted it will reach upto
142 Millions by 2016 End

Why Mobile Solutions For Health Organizations?

Today, healthcare enterprises are expected to provide an instant data access to connect the concerned people at any given point of time. Valuable data is gathered from machine-to-machine (M2M) and mobile devices and accessed anywhere via the cloud. Successful integration of enterprise solution for healthcare results in a quick and better response in diagnosing, managing and treating health ailments.

Utter Patient Care
Time saving apps facilitate remote access to the patients’ data

Build Fare Business
Cost effective tools ease the workflow and provide faster management

Secured Patients’ Data
Time saving apps facilitate remote access to the patients’ data

Real Time Communication
Cost effective tools ease the workflow and provide faster management

Diversified Enterprise Mobile Solutions For Healthcare

  • Hospital Information System (HIS) including NIS, LIS, RIS
  • ePrescription, Decision Making System for Physicians
  • Hospital Accounting and Inventory Management Software
  • Operation Theatre System (OTS)
  • Automated Appointment System
  • Software with HIPAA compliance
  • EHR and PHR software
  • Integration of Third Party Medical Software (such as medical pharmacopeia) into existing healthcare systems

Consultative Approach For Enterprise Mobility For Healthcare

Business and technology experts at White Orange Software help your organization lead the industry with a bespoke solution tailored to your need.

Medical Analysis

  • Using patient-centric data and analysis for research and improve the services
  • Transforming legacy systems’ data into information rich architecture to improve finance management, admin process and quickens the decision-making ability

Healthcare Interoperability

  • Secure data and content of medical records shared and/or exchanged among consultants, insurers and other stakeholders or communities of interest
  • Enterprise mobility solutions for healthcare takes device ecosystem into consideration for smooth functioning of the system at all terminals

System Integration

  • Ensuring ease of integrating, exchanging and sharing of information within organization or among several centers
  • Enabling secure navigation to data management system that results in saving time and costs

Operational Evaluation

  • Help improve conditions of the patients and provide quality care by errorless data sharing and streamlining medical record
  • Help increase productivity and control cost by integrating enterprise solutions into existing resources