Enterprise Content Management

Massive organizational data spanning diverse platforms make it create issues for organizations to classify and keep track essential information. To deal with this daunting challenge, planned enterprise content management significantly helps organizations to save, store, process and use the data.

Why should you have ECM?

Unstructured data can create restrictions in data processing and management leading to unnecessary stoppages in information access. This can take a big toll on productivity. ECM comes in handy for eliminating these bottlenecks.

Following problems are addressed by ECM:

Finding a right solution

A matching enterprise content management solution will help you keep your focus and stay competitive in your business. Our cost-effective and advantageous ECM solutions are centered on B2E and B2C systems. We provide the following solutions and ECM services:

  • Crafting ECM strategy through consultation
  • Successful implementation of developed strategy
  • Ascertain accurate execution of solution architecture
  • Comprehensive business assessment

Grow with the industry

ECM is exhibiting a tremendous performance and growth rate since 2009. Figures consistent with Gartner report worldwide, ECM software licensing and revenue were estimated at $3.5 billion in 2009.

10.1%is the pace ECM market is growing through 2014

6Bnrevenue to come through ECM by 2014

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