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Development Methodology

Ample is premium grade, hi-tech web and mobile apps development and solutions provider. We are fast emerging as a market leader in Android, iPhone, Windows Phone application development. We work on core coding platforms including PHP, Joomla and WordPress notwithstanding other Open Source Customization and developments.

At Ample we integrate a seamless process for client fulfillment and maintain long term working relationships. Our project implementation process consists of:

  • Acquainting with the client by implementing a choice of procedures
  • Detailed study of acquired projects for seamless execution

The process starts with steps that include : 
Design Phase

  • Wire-framing the whole project including analysis
  • Reciprocal client communication to attain successful outcome
  • Clear designing of the project complementing user interface representation through click-able demo

System Architecture

  • High scalability of the system, capacity to manage large amounts of load
  • Storage scalability, limitless data and images can be stored
  • Easy system maintenance and manageability
  • A substantially low cost of ownership

Project Implementation (Development)

  • Perfect identification of business processes of our clients
  • Project Manager runs the collaborative work and provides project reports
  • Provided software runs flawlessly on customer’s systems

Testing and Debugging

  • After UI concept design finalization, overall testing and debugging starts
  • Qualified testers run your website on devices, from desktop to smart phones
  • Only after bug fixes are done with, the final product is ready for deployment


Once we are done with testing, we deliver your website/mobile application. In case you have signed for web hosting services, our support team gets you in touch with your hosting provider and guides you to let your website/mobile application go live on the web.

Maintenance and upgrades are integrated into post development phase. Mobile App Marketing and regular maintenance services are incorporated in post development to ensure sustainability of your app in the market.