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Delivery Models

Amplesoftech offers multiple outsourcing models that help manage client’s services and bifurcate important tasks. We represent the following outsourcing models:


1. Fixed Rate Outsourcing Model

We share our resources with the client for specific work as per previous mutual discussion. Everything including software package, target realization, phase allocation of work and time frame for project delivery is fixed. Benefits of contracting fixed cost model with us can prove valuable to you as:

  • Effective for small and dedicated projects which are web app or mobile app related
  • Robust development idea focused stringently by us
  • Timely completion of project as decided before its start-up
  • Affordable prices
  • Experienced team of professionals working on your project

2. Hire Dedicated Developers

Shaping a diversified work model, we offer highly trained professionals dedicated for specific tasks as required by the client to complete the project. The model perfectly suits clients having concurrent working on several projects.

  • A team of expert developers from start till end of your project
  • Hassle free communication between client and developers
  • Price distribution according to monthly, days and hourly basis
  • Perfect model to commence a multilevel projects

3. Time and Material Model

Under this pricing model, Amplesoftech ensures appointment of experienced and qualified professionals, where by services are payable for at end of every month based on previously agreed rates. Client makes use of skilled services and pays just for the total amount of time and resources used. Advantages of this model are:

  • Flexibility in time and resource usability
  • Addition or removal of manpower can be made allowing flexibility in payment module as well.
  • Charges according to utility of time and materials

4. Offshore Development Center

Clients whose requirements change with time are best advised to adopt this model for customized development of their project. Service providers engage a special team to accomplish such work to guarantee a glitch free development process. Skilled professionals are hired to deliver complete and quality solutions for the project.


Amplesoftech offers full spectrum of these services together with assurance to validate your project credentials. Our professionals exploit scalable and established techniques to fulfill your project work.

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