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To ensure there are no issues related to data security and project implementation, we have robust and scalable policies for our clients. We believe that “Disciplined work gives extension to relationship”. Before starting on any project we sign a Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our clients to enhance the work quality and eliminate security issues tied to any form of project materials.


Data and Software Security

Our company sticks to complete transparency regarding exchange of information involving the company and clients and we make sure that all associated aspects are fully covered.

Employee NDA

White Orange Software employees are dedicated to the company and are trained to achieve high moral values regarding their work. Nonetheless, we make certain that confidential matters of the client are not breached by processing a bond from our employees. We have strict policies in place for employees to avoid misuse of data, information, ID’s and other tools that are pooled for use by the company.

Client NDA

Client NDA goes a long way to establish a secure ecosystem for work and to lessen the risk of inconsistencies between company and the client. It also guarantees augmentation of disciplined affiliation and get positive outputs. In addition, it fuels efficiency in working together in upcoming projects due to familiarization with policies.

The NDA schemes stated above bestow the authorization of employees, clients and company to affirm the perfect set of rules that help maintain the esteem of the project work.

Besides all these, secure networks, full CCTV surveillance, IP protections and other services exist in our company architecture module that enforce confidentiality and a secure environment.